Baby Blanket Twist Border Tutorial

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In this video, I give a tutorial on a fun twisty border that can be used on any Afghan or blanket.

Fiber Friends Challenge and Shout outs

Shout outs
Frances Siple
Yarn Journey Crochet

Fiber Friends Questions We (Mady and I) tag
Frances Siple
Christy Crochet Corner

We tag everyone who wants to do it!

1. What’s your favorite thing I have knit for you?
2. Do you have a favorite thing I have knit/spun in general?
3. Does it annoy you when I knit in public?
4. What’s your favorite fiber festival we’ve attended and why?
5. Does it bother you when I drag you to yarn stores?
6. What the coolest thing you’ve learned from my addiction?
7. Have you ever wanted to knit yourself?
8. Does it bother you when I buy yarn?
9. What do you think about me podcasting?
10. Do you know the difference in the weights of yarn?
11. Do you have a favorite yarn dyer?
12. Do you know how much an average skein of yarn costs?
13. If I were to ask you to buy me yarn, what would you do?
14. How many balls of yarn do you think I could smuggle in the house in a month?
15. Can I yarn bomb the house?
16. Would you say I’m obsessed, interesting or dabbling in fiber?
17. What is really going through your mind when you go to lys, festival or I get mail?
18. If you could have me make you anything what would it be?
19. If I’ve already made you something do you wear it?
20. Another use for knitting needles would be?
21. Best thing I’ve made in your opinion?
22. What is my stash really like. Do you thinking I could do with more or less and why?
23. How do fiber crafts help me?
24. How much money do you think I spend on yarn?
25. Can you explain the difference between knitting, crochet, and spinning?
26. How do you explain me being a knitter to others?
27. What is one thing you wish I liked to do as much as fiber stuff?
28. If I were to die tomorrow what would you do with all my fiber stuff?
29. Does it embarrass you when I knit/spin in public?
30. Does is embarrass you when I knit/spin at a family gathering?
31. What does your family say behind my back about me doing that?
32. What would you say I knit the most of?
33. Why do you think I knit?
34. How would you rate me on a crafting skill level?
35. What would you do with my stash if I died?
36. What do you think we do at knit night?
37. How many subscribers do you think I have on my podcast?
38. How many followers do you think I have on Instagram?
39. Have you ever watched my podcast?
40. What’s your favorite podcast…..fiber and not?
41. What’s your favorite episode so far?
42. If I knit you a sweater would you wear it? Even if it’s hideous?
43. If you could dictate a monthly allowance for yarn, how much would it be?
44. Do I need to go on a fiber diet?
45. How much do you think my stash is worth?

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Easy Stash Buster Crochet Blanket – 2 Style Scrapghan!

It’s the Ultimate Odd-Ball, Stash-Buster Project! Grab a big hook, all your left over yarn and Let’s Stitch Up A Blanket Together!
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The Jayda InStitches Show 2016

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star stitch baby blanket video tutorial

This is such a beautiful stitch that can seem quite difficult at the beginning and I personally found it hard to read in a pattern. However, these step by step easy to follow instructions will break down each step of the pattern. By the time you finish the first 2 – 4 rows you will have the pattern down pat! To see the written pattern for this tutorial as well as access a helpful blanket size chart click here:

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Stunning Crochet Shell Stitch – Blanket / Scarf (beginner friendly)

I absolutely LOVE this stitch, done as one colour or in multiple, the end result is always stunning. It’s very simple once you get going and it can be worked up quickly.

In this tutorial I used Stylecraft Special DK in White and Hayfield Spirit in Sundown, you can purchase them from here:

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Buy more beautiful yarn here:

Check out my family video channel too and get to know me a little better!


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Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial. 8 straight seams.

Make this beautiful blanket in under an hour.

*Note – Do not use fabric softener with Minky!

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