Swedish woman r aped and s exually a ssaulted by Afghan migrant teenagers she met outside a bar

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Woman who campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden is raped and sexually assaulted by two Afghan teenagers she met outside a bar. A Swedish woman in her 40s was brutally raped by an Afghan teenager while another migrant man molested her, a court has heard. 

Anwar Hassani and Fardi Hesari, both 18, met the victim outside a hotel bar in Ljungby, southern Sweden, in the early hours of Boxing Day last year.

The victim later told police she took an interest in the teenagers,

WARNING GRAPHIC: Surveillance Video of Cassandra Feuerstein’s Arrest

A Chicago woman has sued the Village of Skokie and one of its police officers, alleging she was seriously injured after being shoved headfirst into a concrete jail cell bench last spring. Part of the incident was recorded on a jailhouse video camera.

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Some police officers turn bad to make money through ripping off drug dealers and even dealing drugs themselves. Some try and cover up their own acts of brutality and torture.

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➽ NYPD officer stealing money
an NYPD cop stole $1,300 from a construction worker while searching him in ­Coney Island. After allegedly taking his money he pepper sprayed him. The incident was precipitated by a call of a man with a gun but they did not find any gun.

➽ Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police.
Florida’s Jane Watts handcuffed Miami Police Department officer Fausto Lopez, while he was in full uniform and driving a police car at 120 mph. After the incident she claims, she has had threatening calls on her cell phone, police cars idling outside her house and fellow officers accessing her private driver’s license information.

➽ Cop wrongfully arrest girl after she calls 911.
On July 25, 2016 Amanda Houghton called police for help after car accident. She expected Layton City officers would help her, but instead she was arrested for DUI and subjected to a body search that left her feeling violated. The arrest was recorded by a police camera.

➽ Police Frame Black Smokeshop Owner
Local police department using undercover agents to purposely plant crack-cocaine in the shop of an African American business owner, with the intention of hauling him off to prison for up to seven years for a crime he did not even commit. But thanks to the footage captured by his store’s numerous security surveillance cameras.

➽ State cop arrested for assaulting repo man
A New Mexico State Police officer was arrested after allegedly assaulting a repo tow-truck driver. Los Lunas Police said they responded to a call that the driver and a man where in some sort of conflict after an attempted repossession…………

➽ Cop caught speeding on busy road.
cop was going 84 mph on 60 mph road with no lights and sirens on, which is totaly illegal. The guy on the other car noticed it and start filming them but got pulled over pretty quickly.
Steve Costello

➽ Cop Caught on Bodycam Planting Drugs at Crime Scene
Video showing Baltimore police officer appearing to plant drugs at the scene of a crime to implicate a defendant has emerged. there was no sound during the first 30 seconds when officer was planting drug, as the cameras save video from that time prior to the device being activated but do not record the audio.

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7 police officers caught breaking the law

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#DeathPenaltyFail: A Lethal Injection

A painstaking reconstruction of a real-time execution by lethal injection that highlights some of the very specific issues relating to the USA’s preferred execution method.

#DeathPenaltyFail is a film campaign to promote the facts, highlight the inefficiencies and push for the repeal of the death penalty in the United States.

We challenge anyone to watch the full series of videos on our website and to not learn something surprising:


Share the videos and sign up at DeathPenaltyFail.org to get involved and learn more.

Over the last few years, executions have been on the decline in the US, the practice has been fraught with pragmatic, fiscal, and constitutional problems. This hasn’t stopped the country from continuing to be one of the top executing nations in the world.

#DeathPenaltyFail is a campaign to promote the facts, highlight the inefficiencies, and push for the repeal of the death penalty in the United States. Using films, visuals, and the stories of exonerees, victim’s families, and law enforcement, we are committed to educating people about the social, emotional, and financial burdens of the death penalty.

Whether you support the death penalty or not, there can be no doubt that the death penalty is riddled with problems, and when that system leads to the taking of a life, the stakes are simply too high to ignore.

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10 Hottest Netflix Sex Scenes

What is Netflix and Chill?” Netflix and chill is an English-language term using an invitation to watch Netflix together as a euphemism for sex, We’re back to our list of the 10 Hottest Netflix Sex Scenes.
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The List: “10 Hottest Netflix Sex Scenes”

– Young & Beautiful
– Marvel’s Jessica Jones
– On The Road
– How To Get Away With Murder
– Bang Gang
– Sleeping Beauty
– Scandal
– The Duke Of Burgundy
– The Affair
– Orange Is The New Black

Music: “Do Over” By Nine Diamond

10 Hottest Netflix Sex Scenes

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