Skeindeer Knits Ep. 67 bonus: An informal London yarn crawl/guide/vlog

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London yarn guide:
Broadway market – Fabrications
Lower Clapton – Wild & Woolly (Le Merlin, My Neighbours the Dumplings, Clapton table bistro cafe, Charles Good Food)
Stoke Newington – Knit with Attitude (Abney Park cemetery, The London Loom, 165 Turkish food, Best Turkish Kebab, Tugra Baklava)
Crouch End – Nest
Finsbury Park – The Handweavers Studio
West Hampstead – The Village Haberdashery
Islington – Sew Over it, Ray Stitch, Raab’s the Bakers, Loop(!), Claremount Square, King’s Cross

Skeindeer Knits Ep. 67: The one-week sweater

My designs:
Ravelry group:

My Farmor mitts:
My new sock collection:
My Blåfjell yoke pattern:

The 2018 Yearlong mittalong:
Blåfjell KAL:
Skeindeer Sockalong:

Marius KAL winners:
Powerofwool: Marius bag & Ovis et Cetera yarn
LaMaillePerdue: Marius bag and Finullgarn
Celadonsusan: Marius book and sock yarn

Fern & Feather:–feather


Laine magazines

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Skeindeer Knits Ep. 66: Another flare of castonitis

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Hey BrownBerry Knitting Podcast EP 51: People & Places of EYF 2018

Welcome to my channel! Join me for some chatter about my journey through making with yarn, fiber and fabric. Thanks for being here! This episode is a look back at my experience at the 2018 Edinburgh Yarn Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. I share some of the faces and places that made for a wonderful and memorable trip.

Find all things EYF at

PODLOVE – Podcast(er)s you’ll glimpse in this episode:
Babbles Traveling Yarns
Hawthorn Cottage Craft
Ninja Chickens
Fox and The Sheep
Fiber Trek
New Hampshire Knits
Fruity Knitting
Skeindeer Knits
Arctic Knitting Podcast
Bear in sheep’s clothing
TheFox&theSheeps podcast Pommerenke

My EYF 2018 Stash project is:
Fleece Flight by Ninja Chickens

The Ceilidh band is The Picts

Featured background music is “The Road to Lisdoonvarna & Scollay’s” by Pinniped from

Find me on IG and Ravelry as heybrownberry
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Skeindeer Knits Ep. 63: Donut lopi

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Skeindeer Knits Ep. 29: Selbu mitten KAL wrap-up

Ravelry group:

The Selbu Mitten KAL is over! Check the group for all the amazing mittens:

Prize for PucazLegrada, rhuffma1 and wieberike:
Annes Blomst:

Prizes for PucazLegrada:
The ‘Colour Your World’ Socks:
Rauma Finullgarn

You can get the Selbu mitten pattern here:

East London Knits podcast:

Mercury socks:
Miss Rachel’s Yoke:
Amulet Shawl:

I am going to Wonderwool!

Some thoughts on Norwegian politeness vs rudeness

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