One sided afghan – dealing with ends.

Make in a Weekend - Afghans to Crochet | Crochet | Leisure Arts (75590)Make in a Weekend - Afghans to Crochet | Crochet | Leisure Arts (75590)75590 Make in a Weekend - Afghans to Crochet Want to crochet cozy wraps for the family but don't have a lot of time? It's fast and easy with the 10 si... Read More >
Susan Bates 22-Inch Silvalume Flexible Afghan Hook, 6mm, Light YellowSusan Bates 22-Inch Silvalume Flexible Afghan Hook, 6mm, Light YellowSUSAN BATES-Silvalume crochet Hooks. These hooks have the broadest size range within the Susan Bates family of hooks. Made of lightweight aluminum; ea... Read More >
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I Taught Myself Crochet Beginners KitI Taught Myself Crochet Beginners KitBoye I Taught Myself Crochet Kit includes How To Book for Right and Left Handers, Hooks, yarn needles, stitch markers and more.

I made all the kids and mine doing this. Can’t even tell since they are on the underside. Theres always the option for a fabric backing.

How to crochet circle afghan blanket free easy pattern tutorial for begginer

Pattern here :
All my video tutorials
full my pattern with diagrams , detailed photo step by step and written instruction you can download here
Easy Lemon 60 Second by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Easiest & Fastest Crochet Blanket – Ribbed / Ridged – Super Chunky

Possibly the easiest and fastest crochet blanket! Ideal for beginners.

This beautiful stitch looks so great and gives a lovely, textured look for blankets and other projects.

Here’s the link to my Beginner Series:

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Check out my family video channel too and get to know me a little better!

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Crochet for beginners – How to Single Crochet

If you are wanting to learn how to crochet, I will teach you in this video how to do single crochet.

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Girly Afghan CAL Mandala Part 1

Welcome to my Girly Afghan CAL Mandala Part 1

Start here..

Pattern Notes, Yarn Colours, Yarn Amounts and Special Stitches can be found here..

Video Minutes..

Round 1: 0:45
Round 2: 2:59
Round 3: 5:50
Round 4: 9:01
Round 5: 11:42

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Tunisian Crochet Roses

Sample piece to show how the Tunisian Roses are worked.

Tunisian Crochet Roses was something I learned from งานถัก อัฟกัน. She contacted me and told me that her name is Ped in Thai. In english, duck.

Tunisian crochet is her hobby and she sold her Tunisian crochet berry design in Thailand. She is glad we are all interested in her work.

I was browsing through Ducks work and noticed these beautiful Tunisian Crochet Roses that reminded a lot of my crochet rose bud chart. I asked Duck about it and she told me that she used my chart by translating it to Tunisian crochet.

What a small world. 2 strangers meet who have both inspired the other. It was harder for me to figure out the Tunisian crochet roses than it was the berries! Here’s my version of the roses..

Please note that stitches used do not follow standard Tunisian stitches.

Tunisian Roses written patterns available for sale on Ravelry..

For more patterns visit..

Video Minutes..

To make a scarf begin with Ch 18

Row 1: 01:00
Return Row 1: 02:40
Row 2: 03:20
Return Row 2: 04:34
Row 3: 05:25
Return Row 3: 07:37
Row 4: 08:25
Return Row 4: 12:02
Row 5: 13:11
Return Row 5: 15:23
Finishing Off: 16:00

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