Crochet Cruises: Learning Tunisian with Dela Wilkins

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The Crochet Cruises, founded in 2014, with Mikey and Diva Dan as your hosts from The Crochet Crowd. Video over view of photographs and videos taken during Dela’s Workshops on board.

Learn more about the Crochet Cruises at

Introduction To Extreme Crochet with Mikey

For tons of Free Patterns and ideas check out Mikey pushes the limits and is using 5 balls at one time with a size P hook to create Extreme Crochet. It’s like normal crochet but the results are Gigantic! Try this for yourself. This is a great idea for eye candy Crochet. Amazing Results.

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Stripy Lace to Crochet Tutorial 1 Part 1 of 2 Crochet Tape Lace

Get the more patterns at Crochet Lace Lesson. Lesson has 2 parts. In this part 2 of crochet lace lesson we begin to crochet lace. Lace was made of 100% Cotton Mercerized, 169m/50g,4 ply; and with Steel Crochet Hook 1.5 mm or 2mm (#8 or #4 US standards).
Tape lace crochet is one of the most popular, interesting and unusual topics in crocheting. The title of itself says that the projects in this technique are assembled from crocheted tapes. Crochet tapes (ribbons) come in different shapes and lengths. Very often the form of a crocheted tape depends on the motive that was taken as a basic motif which can be any shape: round, square, triangular, hexagonal or oval. In tape lace crochet each motif is a part of that first basic motif and is called a partial motif of the tape. For example you can begin the crochet tape with square motif and continue working in rows repeating only a part (a half or a quarter) of that basic motif. Crocheted tapes can be very wide or narrow, symmetrical or asymmetrical. You can make one-side tape or two-side tapes, which is very important if you are going to join them together to create a larger piece of work.
Crochet tape lace projects look very elegant and interesting made as in one color, two colors or in many colors. In this technique you can create any piece of clothes or home decoration. You can combine pieces made in crochet lace tape technique with other techniques, for example, Irish lace crochet and Guipure crochet. This will make your hand made projects unique. Also you can use crochet tape as a border, edging. Models decorated with tape/ribbon lace look elegant and feminine.

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How To Crochet Tunisian Simple Stitch and Knit Stitch

A quick tutorial on the basics of tunisian crochet which includes the simple tunisian crochet stitch and the tunisian crochet knit stitch which is my personal favourite.

Get the knitted effect from crocheting!

Sorry for the poor quality of this video, lighting needs to be improved on gloomy wet days in my house.

All images and logos are owned by me at

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How to Organize Your Yarn: Behind the Scenes with Mikey

Mikey from The Crochet Crowd shares his organization of yarn. Mikey shares his passion and he got a little emotional in this video recording. Mikey hates the words Yarn Stash because he sees yarn as a collection.

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Join me as I look for yarn at Walmart and then head to my Goodwill store for purse supplies



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