Skeindeer Knits Ep. 62: What happened to the EYF yarn of last year?

Kirby's Epic YarnKirby's Epic YarnGo Behind the Seams With Kirby! Kirby has been turned into yarn, and now he must weave through a hand-crafted world of stitching, zippers, and eye-pop... Read More >

My designs:
Ravelry group:

New Transcendence sock pattern:

The 2018 Yearlong mittalong:
The Marius KAL:
Break the rules KAL:

Improv sweater:

Vertices Unite:

What happened to the EYF yarn?

Holst Supersoft
Holst Coast and Highland Sock shade cards
Knit Like a Latvian book

Stranded Podcast – Episode 83 – Hoarse But Happy

Hi! Thankyou for stopping by and waiting an extra week for this episode! This week I share some finished socks, sweater work in progress, an impromptu sock blocker review as well as my Unravel shopping.

You can find me on instagram and ravelry as amyflorence.

The ravelry group for the podcast is here:

You can find Stranded Dyeworks, my hand dyed yarn, here: Shop update Friday 23rd Feb at 7pm GMT.

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You can find links to everything I talk about this week, below:

Marius Sweater –

English translation –

Rauma Finullgarn –

So Faded by Andrea Mowry –

Laddow by Wool+Bricks –

Holst Garn Supersoft –

Bryson Sock Blockers –

Enamel pin – check @aitchkaydeeshop on instagram

Sock machine –

Laine Magazine Issue 4 –

Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 24 –

This Thing Of Paper by Karie Westermann –

Marlisle by Anna Maltz –

Cosmic Strings –

John Arbon Knit By Numbers –

The Little Grey Sheep Stein Fine Wool –

Olann –

Coop Knits Socks Yeah DK –

River Knits –

Plystre Bag –

Plystre Bag – UK –

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Skeindeer Knits Ep. 55 bonus: Everything I knitted in 2017

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Skeindeer Knits Ep. 61: My Edinburgh 2018 cardigans

My designs:
Ravelry group:

New Transcendence sock pattern:

The 2018 Yearlong mittalong:
The Marius KAL:
Break the rules KAL:

Miss Rachel’s Yoke:

Improv sweater:

Video recommendation:
Dianna Walla of Paper Tiger on Colourwork knitting:

JC Rennie Supersoft DK yarn
Peer Gynt yarn
Regia yarn
4 x Stranded Dyeworks fjord yarn
Garthenor yarn
Plystre knitting bag
Lots of Pompom magazines!
Blacker podcast stuff

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Episode 26 – FO Crazy!

Thank you so much for joining me for another crazy episode!

You can find me at the links below. As always if you have any questions on anything I showed in today’s episode, please feel free to comment below!

Instagram: @Hone_Bee_Knits
Ravelry: Melissa1308

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Koukuttajan kootut 84

Koukuttajan kootut -podcastin ryhma Ravelryssa:–podcasti

Valmistuneena projektina harmaa helmikoristeinen tunika: Mainitsemani kankaiset nimikointilappuset olen tilannut osoitteesta

Valissa juttelua Dropsin alpakkalankojen nyppaantymisesta ja neuleiden huoltamisesta.

Keskeneraisena puikoilla pinkki porrohassakka:

Posti- ja hankintaosiossa:

Ostoksia lahilankakaupasta ja kaverilta saatu Nalle pelto -kera. Lisaksi postissa on tullut lahja Langanlumous-podcastin Monalta.

Lopuksi viela yllattava kesan aikataulukriisi.

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